THIRSTI, quenching the sports sponsorship space


South Africa’s sports sponsorship space is currently undergoing #UltimateHydration with THIRSTI in full support of many of the country’s athletes, teams and administrators.

Having commenced production in 2015, the natural spring water brand known and loved as THIRSTI, has associated itself with many leading sport properties – with more to come! With the Covid pandemic having turned the world upside down, the sports sponsorship space finds itself THIRSTI for an exciting and innovative brand that represents health, hard work, passion and an undisputed love of South African sport.

Four years after entering the market with their iconic Still and Sparkling water ranges, THIRSTI released the ultimate sports drink, ISOFIT+, with the bold THIRSTI Flavours range added to that this year.

THIRSTI Managing Director Rob Hoatson elaborates on their natural spring water: “The source is located in the Klein Drakensberg and the water that comes out of the mountain is exceptional in its composition, with a high pH of 8 and total dissolved solids of 217. The high minerality content is caused by the water flowing over rocks deep within the Klein Drakensberg mountains. This is why THIRSTI is such an excellent choice for hydration.”

Hoatson goes on to say that THIRSTI is all about partnering with people who have a thirst for life.

“South African’s are known for loving life – a ‘Carpe Diem’ type of attitude. Our athlete’s take it one step further with their determination, passion and camaraderie. For this reason, we decided to focus on event sponsorships across multiple sporting codes, commencing in 2019, when we became the hydration partner to both the Comrades Marathon as well as The Sharks rugby team. Added to that is the ABSA Cape Epic, The Nedbank Running Club, the AfricanX trail series and a host of community driven initiatives that seek to uplift our country.”

“It’s important that South African’s know that THIRSTI is a brand that is invested in our people, their health and their goals. Covid has changed the landscape, bringing with it immense challenges, but we remain optimistic as we choose to partner and grow with these properties in this unprecedented time. We believe that our sponsorship portfolio paints this picture whilst ensuring that our brand remains top of mind as the ultimate hydration. We want people to experience THIRSTI in the spaces where they are living and loving life.”

When asked where he would like to see the THIRSTI brand in 10 years’ time, Hoatson who was previously involved in the farming of beef, timber and nuts, encourages THIRSTI fans to ‘Watch this space’;

“All we know at this present moment is that we love our brand, our product and our people. So, we’ll see. The THIRSTI brand is like an athlete: grinding hard and smart, whilst loving what he does and giving every session, every match his absolute all – because at the end of the day, hard work and passion does pay off.”

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