Seli 1 ship wreck reduction efforts to resume next week

KEEP THE CAPE IN SHAPE … The City of Cape Town and the Department of Environmental Affairs are doing their best to preserve the beauty of the Cape coastline, which is so beautifully illustrated here by yet another picture of a stunning sunset, sent in by one of Cape Dreams readers.

Wreckage team will get to the bottom of it

The South African Navy’s Operational Diving Team will resume the wreck reduction efforts in respect of the Seli 1 along the coastline of Table View as from Monday 18 March 2013.

The team will seek to force their way through the hull of the wreck in a bid to release the remaining oil that is in the containment area.

The divers will attempt to peel the hull away, using an inflatable raft to get to the blast points and continue their efforts by employing precision blow-cutting equipment to further weaken the structure of the wreck.

At this stage, the limited oil spills that have occurred have been cleared up and no marine life has been affected.

The City of Cape Town and the Department of Environmental Affairs have instituted contingency measures to deal with any oil pollution incidents along the coastline and off-shore.

The prohibition to the general public remains in place and law enforcement agencies will remain on scene, cordoning off the area.

Members of the public are not allowed to access the wreck under any circumstances as the structure has been significantly weakened by means of the wreck reduction operations.

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