Officers suspended following busker incident

Busker 3ROUGHHOUSE TACTICS … On Monday, Nono, who has occupied a spot on the corner of St George’s Mall and Shortmarket Street since 2008, was manhandled by a group of city law enforcement officers and his guitar was smashed.

Nono gets his roadshow going again

Music rang out in St George’s Mall on Wednesday as about 200 people, many of them musicians, gathered to protest against the forceful removal this week of blind busker Lunga Goodman Nono.
Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town has suspended, with immediate effect, three Law Enforcement Officers who were involved in an incident that occurred on Monday 8 July 2013, involving Mr Lunga Goodman Nono, a blind busker at St George’s Mall.
After careful review, it has been concluded that the actions of these officers were inappropriate and not in keeping with this administration’s commitment to building a Caring City that respects every resident’s right to dignity.
The officers in question will be suspended for three months pending the outcome of a full investigation. Disciplinary hearings will follow in due course and the City will abide by the findings of the Disciplinary Committee in this regard.
The matter has also been referred to the Civilian Oversight Committee to ensure that it has been adequately investigated and dealt with.
The City of Cape Town’s Safety and Security Directorate will continue in our efforts to create a City that is both Safe and Caring for all who live here.
We also remain committed to taking urgent and necessary action against our employees when they have been found to have acted in a way that undermines the values of this administration.

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