Jou ma se African Experience



Review by Herman R Gibbs, Cape Dreams Editor

Set in the heart of the Mother City, the WOZA restaurant offers you a unique yet typical African experience.

The uniqueness is in the venue’s warm and bright decor which makes for an inviting and happy atmosphere.

On a recent visit to the eatery, the patrons there were drawn from Cape Town’s diverse community, young and old.

Once the dishes came out to the tables, one quickly became aware that you needed a big appetite if you wanted to clear the plates. It was equally clear that there were no ‘half portions’ for children.

For starters, we were alarmed by the generous serving of vetkoek, roosterbroek and steam bread on a giant platter, along with a variety of sides like butter, cheese, mince and jam. You need to restrict yourself or run the risk of not going trying the rest of the menu.

If you wish to slip the bread starter you could choose from pap or samp.

Next you’ll be looking at the menu section that’s headlined ‘Aitsa Meat – just like you gogo made it’.

The offerings here include traditional beef stew, green tripe (pens), roast beef, beef chops and chicken stew. Having tried small portions of each, there’s no doubting the restaurant’s battle cry – ‘We make food with the best meat’.

Another claim: ‘from plot to pot’ is spot on once you’ve eaten the muriwo, a steamed leafy vegetable dish made of spinach, cabbage, beans and tomato, which oozes freshness – truly food for Africa.

The lone sweet on the menu was Dutch apple pie. Once you’ve broken through the flaky crust, aromatic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves works its magic in the apple pie.

And by this time, you can truly say that you have eaten, tasted and shared Africa.

The wine menu offers a limited variety of table wines, sparkling wines, spirits, liqueurs and beers.

For your next hearty meal, WOZA Restaurant will be a good bet. Find it on the corner of Burg and Church streets.

The hours are Monday to Friday,  7am – 5pm, and from 9am to 3pm, on Saturdays. You may reach them via telephone at 021 422 0053 or visit:    and


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