Glamour, entertainment at 2017 Sun Met celebrated with Mumm

South Africa’s oldest horse race and Cape Town’s most anticipated social event makes its way to Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday 28 January 2017.

The prestigious event returns this time with a myriad of fresh, entertaining and unexpected activities that will leave all racegoers with an unparalleled experience.

Sun International launched their sponsorship of the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm in September this year where the who’s who of the media, fashion and entertainment industry all gathered to witness the birth of something special.

“With its iconic red sash, Mumm Champagne has accompanied the world’s most daring and glamorous social affairs for almost two centuries and made its mark as an icon of celebration. Building on our partnerships of the Melbourne Cup and Kentucky Derby, we look forward to bringing our daring spirit to life on the African continent in the French ethos of ‘art de vivre’, celebrating heritage and glamour in all its forms”, said Etienne Cassuto-Brand Manager of Mumm.

The event has been a firm favourite with the public dating back to its earliest years, when people attended the race dressed in their finest to see and be seen. Their fashion presence symbolised the essence of glamour and sophistication. Today the 133-year old race is firmly established as a highlight on the social calendar.
It is because of this rich heritage and esteemed legacy that The Sun Met celebrated with Mumm announces the theme for the 2017 Sun Met as ‘Decades of Glamour’. The launch of the theme was shot using the Miss South Africa 2017 Semi-Finalists, all styled to epitomise glamour, elegance and haute couture in celebration of the events’ proud legacy.
The idea is to allow the public to pick their favourite fashion decade, source their outfits with their friends and enhance their overall experience of The Sun Met celebrated with Mumm. From vintage to modern, daring to classic the theme explores fashion trends dating back to the 1920’s and presents a host of exciting opportunities for all those fashionistas, horseracing fans and punters attending the event to express themselves through style and poise.
To further guide and inspire race-goers they can view some glamorous photographs of the current Miss South Africa Semi-Finalists showcasing the decades at Sun Stories tab and then Lifestyle tab.
For some suggestions we have described each decade loosely as follows:
• 1920’s – The Great Gatsby: an era of feminine self-expression where waists dropped and hemlines rose. The Flapper look was the rage, with long necklaces, cloche hats and chemise or shift dresses storming to the fore.
• 1930’s – Vintage: known as the Golden Age of Glamour for women’s fashion an era of escapism and glamorous Hollywood starlets. Favouring simple art deco lines the style moved to smaller cloche hats, skirt hems dropped and broad shouldered, puffed sleeves entered the fray.
• 1940’s – Retro: A decade defined by the war years, the padded or puffed shoulder was the dominant look. The Silhouette with broad square shoulders and trim waist and hips was desired. This was complimented by tiny hats, large bags and nylon stockings.
• 1950’s – Polka Dots: This decade is influenced by two silhouettes, the wide circle skirt and the pencil skirt. Ball gowns were complimented by elbow length gloves and sparkling jewellery. Summer dresses also incorporated floral and polka dot prints. Chanel introduced suit jackets and slim skirts in highly textured tweeds.
• 1960’s – Flower Power: The era where no skirt was too short brought the arrival of the mini skirt and hot pants. The hippy revolution was about long hair, long legs and long nights. Bellbottoms bubbled to the surface. The swinging sixties were defined by a number of icons from the gaming supermodel Twiggy to the “original” first lady Jackie Kennedy who brought us skirt suits, pillbox hats and supersized sunglasses.
• 1970’s – Disco: This decade was all about “freedom”, “identity” and “personal expression”. The hippie culture continued and fashion resulting from this period displayed rebellion. From mini-skirts to wide lapel suits, knee high boots and lace onsie’s the 70’s had it all.
• 1980’s – Glam Rock: One word comes to mind when you think of 80’s : BIG. It was a time of excess and over-the-top flamboyance. Shows like Dallas and Dynasty depicted bedazzled evening wear studded with sequins and beads. Metallic dress colours like silver and gold also added some shine to this decade.
• 1990’s – Denim: This decade saw a return to minimalist fashion. Supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Eva Herzigova towered over the fashion industry during this period. Tailored skirt and trouser suits, short skirts and dresses, baby doll dresses, animal prints, hot pants, slim pants and high heels. High shine fabrics such as satin, metallic, sequins, vinyl and silk were prominent.
• 2000’s – Modern Fashion: An era epitomised by style icons such as J. Lo saw fashion trends such as the boyfriend blazer, statement necklaces paired with classic sheath dresses, skyscraper platform shoes, miniskirts, mix and match prints and cocktail rings.
So ladies, choose your decade and motivate your man to research his outfit for what promises to be the most glamorous event of the year.
Sun International with the other race partners are excited to be elevating the race to its rightful pedestal in the glamour and style stratosphere.
COO of Sun International, Rob Collins said: “Sun International aims to ensure that the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm is as unique as our hotels and resorts, where we deliver luxurious, high quality experiences, supported by an authentic dedication to service.
We hope that we can bring this to life at the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm in the years to come, by creating lasting memories filled with glamour and entertainment for all those attending”, added Collins.
So don’t miss out on this premium event, where South Africa’s top designers get the chance to showcase their best work and use the platform to dazzle the crowds with their latest creations inspired by ‘Decades of Glamour’.
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