Curated.Africa Launches Design Range

CAPE TOWN, October 26 – Curated.Africa is a one-stop online shop for quality-crafted lifestyle products made in Africa.

Our signature is quality and we are proud of the painstaking attention to detail offered by our artisans. Our focus is promoting and curating for the discerning buyer quality items that are ethically produced and are in harmony with the environment.

Our vision is to empower African-based entrepreneurs whose products celebrate our heritage.

Many of the items are produced in or around Cape Town. Going forward we will be bringing you more exquisite treasures and crafts from our beautiful African continent.

Curated.Africa also supplies bespoke products handmade to order – well worth the wait.

We celebrate the unique nature of handmade items, and are proud to know that you are acquiring something personal and exclusive to you.

Our designer range available to purchase includes handbags, clothing, jewellery, ceramics, lampshades, glassware, cushions and much more.

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