Charles, not Will, fits the bill

Charlie headed for the big time?

A survey carried out by YouGov saw 42 per cent of respondents express a wish for Queen Elizabeth, 87, to give up the throne in favour of her eldest son, with just 36 per cent thinking she should continue.
And for the first time in 10 years, Charles has overtaken his son Prince William as the popular choice to take over as head of state, winning 53 per cent of the votes, compared with the 31 per cent who opted for William
This is in stark contrast to a similar survey on William’s wedding day to Duchess Catherine – formerly Kate Middleton – in 2011, when only 38 per cent were in favour of Charles as king, while 44 per cent wanted his son to take the throne.
Charles’ biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby commented: “Charles has not changed very much, but the true Prince of Wales is being recognised by more and more people”.
And following reports that Charles and his mother have merged many staff positions, the poll, which was commissioned by the Sunday Times newspaper, showed 75 per cent of people backed “job share” between the two, with only 13 per cent against
Peter Kellner, president of YouGov, said: “The queen is of an extraordinary age, and Charles has recovered so massively in public approval over the last five years.

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