Asian Seafood Extravaganza – so delicious, and oh so Deniseious

By Herman R Gibbs, Cape Dreams Editor

Denise Levy’s Ginger & Lime Food Studio presented a part demo and part interactive Seafood Extravaganza, with a fusion of Asian flavours.
The group of 12, or the ‘Chirpy Dozen’ found the atmosphere in the well-equipped, modern kitchen relaxed from the time the gracious and accommodating hostess announced the evening’s five-course menu, which read (greatly abbreviated):
*Salmon Sashimi with fresh Daikon, pickled Oshinko
*Asian Coconut broth with misho fish balls and noodles
*Fresh green salad served with seared prawns
*Poached kingklip on a bed of coconut jasmine rice with ginger & lime dressing and steamed Asian greens
*Coconut crème brûlée
It does seem a fair amount of prep had been done by the time Denise and her friend Almo Geldenhuys get the fun-filled evening under way. The resident wine steward Peter is courteous and knowledgeable when he notes the beverage order. He weaves in between the guests throughout the evening to ensure you don’t run out of liquid refreshment during the three-hour stint.
After each course we sit down to taste the fruits of our labour since the guests get to play a role in the production process.
By this time, the kitchen to proving to be a meeting space, a fine dining space in a homey setting, mainly because Denise’s instruction is rather much like a casual and laid back conversation.
She talks about her constant hunt for good honest food as she engages the guests to explore cooking with excitement and curiosity.
We went away, inspired by her creations, with new ideas on how to feast on fabulous food.
Bon Appétit!

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