Heritage & Culture

With its nine provinces and 11 official languages, South Africa is a potjiekos (traditional South African pot of food cooked on a fire) of cultures. Add to this interesting mix the influence of apartheid and its legacy, and you’re faced with an interesting array of attractions that document the country’s move from colonial rule in the Cape, through to the democratic South Africa that exists today. [more]

Experience the vibrant culture of the Cape’s coloured communities when you watch the Cape minstrels strutting their stuff and singing their catchy songs in specially designed outfits, or learn about their history of displacement in the District Six Museum.

Learn more about the lot of the migrant labourers who developed the country’s gold-mining economy in the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum, or take in a tour of the National Art Gallery, where the work of many famous South African artists lines the walls as a visual commentary on our heritage.

These and many other attractions document the many cultures that have played a role in making South Africa the Rainbow Nation it is today.

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