Gay tests positive, won’t be in Moscow

The American sprinter Tyson Gay has tested positive for a banned substance and says he willGAY pull out of the world championships in August in Moscow.
Gay has not revealed the substance but said he was notified by the US Anti-Doping Agency on Friday that a sample came back positive from a 16 May out-of-competition test. He said he will have his B sample tested soon, possibly as early as this week.
“I don’t have a sabotage story. I don’t have any lies. I don’t have anything to say to make this seem like it was a mistake or it was on Usada’s hands, someone playing games,” said Gay, fighting back tears. “I don’t have any of those stories. I basically put my trust in someone and I was let down.”
Asked who that person was, Gay replied: “I can’t really say it. Sometimes a human being naturally, generally trusts somebody. That’s what people do.”

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